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Although many people assume that they will never have to face being in an abusive relationship, one in three teen relationships involves violence.

Unfortunately, STDs can also compound chronic age-related conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

When our parent’s competence has been compromised because of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, these concerns are legitimate and it may be appropriate to intervene.

Olga took a shower and came to us in the wet sheet through which was clearly visible nipples and sat between Igor and Yura.

A child can be an “indirect victim” of IPV as a witness and still face the serious consequences of the abuse.

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    Only because of Naomi’s direction was the path of Ruth realized. Maharsha teaches that the aim of the scroll is to teach us of the birth of King David, sweet singer, creator of the holy psalms. This then also delivers the added lesson that Shavuot is a time to realign our souls with singing songs of God.

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