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The nagging wife in me wants to point out it’s his ninth drink and he’s two away from a three hour lecture on how it was Clive Barker, not, I repeat, not, Wes Craven that revolutionized modern foreign horror cinema, but I’d take that over Ash telling the pretentious origins of the overpriced shit we’re drinking.Ash and I are supposedly friends, but that really just means that our husbands are and we tolerate each other.

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Chubby, bad skin, cut his own hair, obsessed with fantasy novels and Star Wars.

Pretty much the universe plotting against him and his penis so he would never get laid.

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The first step in protecting your online privacy is creating a safe password - i.e.

He’s attractive in a clean cut sort of way, which honestly isn’t really my type, with dirty blonde hair, a nice smile, and brown eyes that have a layer of sadness just beneath the surface.