Billy crudup claire danes still dating

It was over a decade ago that Danes became involved with her co-star Billy Crudup.

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While she does not specifically name the actor, it’s clear whom she’s referring to in the chapter titled “Dear Mr.

Cabdriver.” (Each chapter name follows the “Dear _____” format.) In the section, part of which was excerpted on Jezebel, the actress recounts an incident in which she was pregnant and driving around Manhattan with a cabby who was hopelessly lost. Please, I know I am awful, it’s been made clear but look at me please Parker goes on to recount how the cab driver did do just that, and made a gesture of kindness, one that she remembers to this day.

"I was just in love with him and needed to explore that and was 24," Danes said.

"[I] didn't quite know what those consequences might be. I went through it."Despite public opinion, Crudup and Danes continued to date for three more years, splitting in 2006.

On his Sirius XM show Monday, Howard Stern asked Danes about the public backlash against her romance with her actor.