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I'm all for creativity, but the special Halloween dream sequence episode on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-30-17 was just cruel.

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Ciara always seemed to be roping Theo into some scheme or other and it seemed like it would be fascinating to see what was going to happen when they were teenagers.

But when Ciara and Theo were aged, for some reason Ciara was written as kind of bland, as if her inner fire had all been extinguished when she grew up.

There wasn't much evidence of that on air, other than Rafe teaching Ciara to skate backward when she was eight years old.

And it seemed like more obnoxious Rafe/Hope pimping. Rafe was constantly belittling Hope, second-guessed every decision she made, acted like she was a weak little woman in need of male protection, and ended up taking her job.

That was just a waste but I guess they can't all be perfect.