Dating environment in work

My team and I had worked together for 5-6 years so I knew them, their work and their personalities better than anyone else so I took what they said with more seriousness.

I also thought that her years of experience were irrelevant; she didn’t have anything beyond a bachelor’s degree (most of us were smart and dedicated enough to get a masters) and her experience was in a different subset of insurance.

There’s a lot in here that’s making me question it.

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If her role had panned out, she would have been higher up than me after two years when I had been there for five.

HR told me the brewery beer runs were against company policy and I should have stopped the Snap Chats, especially those who had it on their company phones.

(Note: When I wrote this, I was thinking the employee was in her 40s, which would mean age discrimination laws were in play.

Upon re-reading the letter, she’s actually in her 30s so my point here was poorly formed.) Is it illegal to not like someone?

My former team and I are wondering if we can take action against ex-employee — her exit interview damaged our reputation, our team, and our careers.