Divorce dating and kids

Should one of the parents have a habit of maxing out their credit cards, taking money from the other parent, foregoing the family’s needs because they saw something online they had to have, a big problem is being invited into the family home.

The breaking point for my father was when my mother quit her job to go on a vacation, without any plans for the future, without any job to return home to.

When a child watches an adult drinking alcohol, they should be learning how to do so responsibly, as well as when times are considered “inappropriate/appropriate” for drinking, how to be safe while getting tipsy, etc.

If your spouse or significant other doesn’t involve their position as a parent into their drinking habits, it may be a red flag.

Instead of considering what risk it put the family in, she instead decided that she would worry about that later.

Nevermind paying the bills, the mortgage, buying food, buying gas…

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