And wow, you should see the flaming e-mails you receive when you criticize a woman for dating while she's in the process of obtaining a divorce!


I once met a really cool guy at a play because we were both there alone, granted I was 20, but still.

I have met lots of cool people here in Omaha, just not Mr. As for a "dating scene" I don't think the big O has one.

I have found out that after I make this a routine, many people will talk to you because they have seen you in there before. You have to meet someone several times before you can actually have a conversation. I have dated a couple guys two times, most just don't get past the first meeting- some don't even make it that far.

The people I meet typically have their group of friends that they have had for decades and even when I am invited I am never treated as one of the group. Yes I am picky- but I have plenty of time to find "the one" I don't mind going to bars alone- I go to hear a band or something and usually fully enjoy myself.

But, I am willing to try to change them if I can identify them.