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In most cases, contemporary peat decay processes can be linked to human activities, and in particular to the agricultural use of meadows and pastures (see Kołodziejczyk, 2013).

Fossil HSDP are more valuable for the reconstruction of paleohydrological changes that were conditioned by climate.

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The problem is the asynchronicity of the development of hiatuses at nearby sites.

For example, in peat deposits in central Poland, hiatuses are frequently found that cover the Atlantic and early Subboreal periods (Forysiak, 2012).

Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany (unless otherwise indicated). Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. During litho-stratigraphic studies of deposits in small mires in the upper basin of the Oder River, mid-Holocene hiatuses identified by the presence of horizons of strongly decomposed peat (HSDP), were identified at four sites.

Radiocarbon dating results indicate long (10 years) breaks in peat accumulation and the dates obtained from the underlying layers of deposit are inconsistent with the pollen record.

They not only indicate hiatuses in peat accretion, but also indicate a long-term negative balance of peatland productivity in conditions in which there is a significant drop in the groundwater level.