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" Kara exclaimed, almost dropping her glass, "There are pictures of you, kissing girls on the Internet! " It was hard enough not to burst out laughing when Kara lowered her voice on the words 'kissing girls on the Internet' like she was whispering a secret in public, but the look on her face when she thought it may be more broke Lena and she had to reply through her laughter, "Yes Kara, only kissing. There was a long pause and then Kara forced a soft laugh, "I'm not gay." "I didn't say you were." Clark said softly, then after another long pause added, "But if you're questioning it-" "I'm not! Which is great, because Alex has been real busy with Maggie lately. Someone who has everything I want in a best friend. And I just want to be able to give her everything she deserves, and, well...

So far at least, although I did have a close call with an angry ex." "Oh." Kara blushed. " Kara protested, then after a pause added, "It's just... she wants Supergirl." "This can't be just about what she wants Kara." Clark interrupted, "You know that." "I do, but..." Kara protested, "But everything she said she liked about Supergirl, she...

Especially the people you want to attract, aka awesome men.

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Not that Kara would know the difference as wine had no effect on her, although she still thanked her hostess for it with a wide smile. " "Well, I was kind of interested in a mutual friend." Lena admitted, deciding just to go for it, "A certain red, white and blue hero in a sexy little cape? " Kara frowned in confusion, and then when Lena raised an eyebrow Kara's eyes went wide in realisation, "OH! How could I possibly want her to like me when I'm not even... but then I thought how, certain people, think they're one-way their whole entire life, and suddenly someone comes along, and they're like WOW, this person. She almost cancelled for one reason or another a thousand times, telling herself it probably wouldn't matter because there was bound to be an emergency which called her away or forced her to cancel.